Québec Canoeing

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Sunset on Eagle River somewhere between Senneterre and Waswanipi.

Cooking Spruce Grouse for lunch, Lac Doda, 1975.

Resting after supper 23rd day out, Senneterre to Waswanipi, 1975. A great
tripping partner, Denis Leclair on the photo right.

Old circuit 16, La Vérendrye, 1968.

Curious moose, Lac Caribou.

Resting after supper.


End of long day.

Fish for two.

Headwater Panache River 1985.

Lac Baie de Cobb.

Lining Chochocouane River.

MRT on Kondiaronk.

June 766 LV.

Robin crossing dam.

Reading maps on Chochocouane.

Shawn and Richard.

Trip with Ted.

Shawn's first fish.

Too much fish.

Fiona,s first solo trip.

Under the stars.

Preparing supper.